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Dolphins are remarkable animals. They live in highly complex societies, have developed an incredible communication system and the ability to use sonar. It is often thought that dolphins are always happy as they appear to have an impenetrable smile on their face. However, all is not well in the dolphin world. They are in fact some of the most vulnerable marine species in the world. Dolphins and their environment are under threat from many human sources.

It is now a crucial time; we must protect and conserve dolphins and their environment to ensure their survival into the future.

There remain many mysteries to the world of the dolphin and their needs for survival. To uncover some of these mysteries and ensure that dolphins have what they need to survive is through undertaking research, education and collaboration.

  It is up to each of us to help protect and conserve dolphins and their environment!

Oceanlab is here to help! We are a marine conservation, education and research not-for-profit organisation. Our work is dedicated to improving the understanding of dolphin ecology, status and health and promoting awareness, change and action to help protect and conserve them and their habitats.

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We are located in Nettuno (Rome, Italy) at tourism port

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